Email: service @

Fax: 1-905-873-4102

Before you return any product, obtain a Rma# issued by Megatel. Refer to RMA Number.

Before you return any product for BIOS updating, refer to Y2K BIOS Updates and General BIOS Updates.

Getting Your RMA Number

A Return Material Authorization number (Rma#) is assigned to your service request and is used to track your request. This applies to all service requests. Place the Rma# that you receive from Megatel clearly on all shipping boxes and on all paperwork associated with the service request.

You must obtain a Rma# from Megatel Service Department prior to shipping any material to Megatel. To obtain a Rma#, either send a Fax (1-905-873-4102) or send an Email to service @ that contains the following information:

1. Customer Name
2. Contact Name
3. Contact Phone Number
4. Product# or Model#
5. Serial#
6. Description of the Problem

  Go to RMA Number Request Form, and fill in the form.
To fax it, print the form and then fax it to Megatel.
  To email it, submit the form on-line.

Shipping to Megatel Service Department

After obtaining an Rma# fro Megatel, mark it on all shipping boxes and paperwork. Address your shipment to

Megatel Computer (1986) Corp
586 Main Street
Glen Williams, Ontario
L7G 3T6


Attention: Service Department

International Customs requires that you identify your shipment to them, by writing Canadian Goods Being Returned for Repair on all paperwork for this shipment.

Updating Your BIOS

To obtain a BIOS update, please contact the Engineering Department by email at eng @

To return a product for BIOS updating, obtain an Rma# and return the product as described above in RMA Number.

If you are returning a product for BIOS updating, you should also refer to Y2K BIOS Updates.


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