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Most Megatel single-board computer products, accessory boards and OEM development kits may be ordered directly from Megatel or through one of our representatives, agents or distributors. Browse from the list of distributors and representatives to find the one nearest you.

Our goal is to provide you with an off-the-shelf solution that can be customized and tailored to exactly match your requirements in the smallest most cost-effective package possible. And since virtually all manufacturing and design work is performed in-house, it results in the fastest, most reliable lead times in the industry. It also allows Megatel to offer custom Engineering services for high volume applications. Inquire today!

First time buyers might opt to purchase one of our OEM development kits which includes all the necessary items to get started quickly.

Small quantity orders (1-4) are normally available within 2 weeks. For larger orders, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

On-line custom board solutions & model numbers 
Cpu board model number calculators 

On-Line Custom Board Solutions & Model Numbers

You can now configure your custom board directly on this web-site using one of our Single-Board CPU Calculators.

Boards can be ordered by including, in your communication to Megatel, the model number obtained from the Calculator.

Custom boards can be shipped very quickly - thanks to the unique orthogonal design method used, which allows any combination of feature to be populated or not depending upon your requirement, and which saves you loads of money when you don't require some of the board's supported features. We don't have to redesign the PCB so you get an off-the-shelf solution, and we pass the savings of reduced parts requirements directly on to you.

An example of ordering a customized board is: a PC/II+dx with 66MHz Cpu, 4 MB DRAM, and Ethernet 10Base-T - in this configuration, the RTC, SODIMM, SDRAM, Video, SCSI, IDE, connectors, and a host of other option parts are depopulated; you save their cost, do not need to recertify the PCB, and receive your customized board off the shelf.

Check out one of our calculators and design your board !

If you wish assistance with your order, please contact one of our distributors or sales representatives.


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