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M-Systems Flash file data storage solutions M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of data storage solutions combining the unmatched reliability, low power consumption and speed of solid state Flash memory components with our patented and unparalleled TrueFFS® Flash management technology.
Datalight Embedded system software Datalight develops and licenses professional quality system software, including operating systems and development tools for the x86 architecture. The company's primary products include: ROM-DOS 7.1 TM, a compact, flexible DOS operating system, FlashFxTM, our portable full-featured Flash file system software that allows developers to make Onboard Flash memory into useable DOS floppy(s) or hard disk(s), and Sockets, a configurable TCP/IP stack.
QNX Realtime OS QNX is the leading realtime OS for PCs - now multiplatform. Small, fast, and scalable, it boasts fault tolerance, POSIX-compliance, preemptive multitasking, runtime memory protection, and more.
Lineo Realtime Linux OS Lineo / Zentropix Realtime Linux is a validated release version of a real-time Linux operating system. It has been tested for reliable, deterministic scheduling and performance, thus relieving the software developer of the need to download, compile, install and ultimately test the on-line versions of real-time Linux. RealTime Linux is a one-stop solution and also includes development tools, real-time Linux specific documentation, example files, and man pages.
Redhat Linux OS The world's most popular open source operating system. Now with fast priority FTP access to open source updates. And lots of support. Known as a stable and robust operating system, Red Hat Linux is flexible enough to perform almost any computing task and can be installed on simple workstations and powerful servers. The latest release of the award-winning Red Hat Linux operating system is a family of products that incorporate easy installation, software update information and access, and improved system management capabilities to enable users to harness the power of Linux in the most demanding enterprise and Internet applications that run the day-to-day business of companies worldwide.



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