PCpi  Single-board PC/104 Computer

Bus: 16-bit PC/104 Peripheral I/O: 180-Pin Mass I/O interface uses 2mm Hard Metric IEC

Hi-Rel, Low Power Pentium Class SBC

The PCPi board is a rugged full-featured PENTIUM class SBC that has been engineered with available leading edge components and software. This board supports available low-power socket 7 processors, and utilizes an ALI chipset which provides both PCI and ISA buses. It is PC/104 compliant and 104Family I/O compliant. This board is available with a broad range of options that can be mixed in any combination to maximize performance and minimize price. On-board options include your choice of processor, Super VGA & LCD output, video frame-grabber, touch screen, 10/100 or GigaBit Ethernet, Compact Flash socket, 2 to 32 MB solid state (flash) disk, CAN bus controller, 32 to 256 MB of soldered-down high-speed SDRAM, ECC memory option. Many other options and base features are packed into this tiny board, all of which are combined into a small rugged package that is powered from either dual (3.3V and 5V) supplies to minimize on-board power dissipation, or a 5V option.

PCPI block diagram




Base Features
Low Power Socket 7 Processor up to 266MHz
32 to 256MB SDRAM (soldered)
Asiliant (Chips & Tech) CRT and Flat Panel PCI Display Controller, with up to 4 MB of fast on-chip Video DRAM
ATA/IDE UDMA 66 Hard drive interface
Three USB 1.1 (up to 12Mbs) ports
Three 16C550 RS232 serial ports supporting up to 230K baud, one port may be RS485
Parallel Port ECP/EPP (1284 style)
PS/2 keyboard and mouse
Floppy Interface Real Time Clock and all basic AT peripherals
16-bit or 8-bit PC/104 Bus
180-Pin Mass I/O interface uses 2mm Hard Metric IEC Connector System

-4W to 6W typical power consumption, depending on configured options.

High Reliability Features
Onboard Watchdog and power monitors
Onboard thermal monitoring gracefully throttles performance under high temp. conditions
Error checking and correcting (ECC) memory option.
Flexible FSB speed (factory tailored to OEM application requirements)

High Integration Features
10/100BaseT or 10/100/1000BaseT (Gigabit) Ethernet with on-chip RAM buffers, and on-board Filters, EEPROM and Link LED.
2 to 32MB Flash supports Megatel BIOS and solid state disk
Compact Flash Storage compatible socket
Frame-grabber with up to four channels of analog video input
Touch Screen Controller
Controller Area Network (CAN) controller

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