WCPU/104   Single-board Computer Module

Embedded Control SBC

The Megatel WCPU/104 is a low cost CPU module with PC/104 connectivity for the OEM. This "stackable" module features RAM, ROM and Keyboard controllers.

The WCPU/104 includes the 80C88 CPU with a multi-function ASIC. The WCPU module also has 256KB or 640 KB of on-board memory, an industry standard BIOS, a speaker port, keyboard port and reset connector. The required bus signals are made available through the 64-pin PC/104 connector. This bus represents the industry standard 8-bit PC® Bus. Such a format allows the engineer to begin a design with a bus-level PC, then add PC/104 modules, to develop a specific product which is tailored to their application.

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WCPU/104 Features

  • The WCPU/104 module uses an 80C88 8MHz CPU, known as the Wildcard 88. An ASIC is used to replace the LSI peripheral chips – 82C37A, 82C37A, 82C53, 82C59A, 82C84A and 82C88. The ASIC signals are buffered on-board by 6 octal buffers, BIOS EPROM socket and miscellaneous discrete parts mounted on a PC board. The Wildcard CPU is mounted on the PC/104 carrier by a high density SIM (single in-line module) card edge connector. A 256 KB or 1 MB SIMM is added to provide on-board user memory. Signals to and from the board are brought in and out via a PC/104 connector.
  • Megatel includes with every PC/104 board its 100% industry compatible PC® BIOS. Utilizing only 8 KB, it allows 24 KB of option ROM space on the WCPU/104.
  • Ambient Temperature Under Bias 0 - 70 degrees C
  • Storage Temperature -20- +85 degrees C
  • Supply Voltage (VDD) 5.25 volts
  • Voltage on Input Pin with Respect to Ground 0V - (VDD +.3V)
  • Voltage on Output Pin with Respect to Ground 0V - (VDD +.3V)

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