PCpe Single-board Computer
Preliminary Information

Bus: 16-bit ISA or PC/104 Peripheral I/O: Eurocard or 180-Pin Mass I/O interface uses 2mm Hard Metric IEC

Hi-Rel, Low Power Pentium Class SBC

The PCpe board is a rugged full-featured PENTIUM class SBC that has been engineered with available leading edge components and software. This board supports available low-power socket 7 processors, and utilizes a chipset which provides both ISA and local PCI bus. It is megatel 4x4 family compliant with eurocard Input/Output. This board is available with a broad range of options that can be mixed in any combination to maximize performance and minimize cost. On-board options include your choice of processor, Super VGA & LCD output, video frame-grabber, touch screen controller, 10/100 or GigaBit Ethernet, Compact Flash socket, 2 to 32 MB solid state (flash) disk, CAN bus controller, 32 to 256 MB of soldered-down high-speed SDRAM, ECC memory option. Many other options and base features are packed into this tiny board, all of which are combined into a small rugged package which minimizes on-board power dissipation with 5V only power.


PCpe Block Diagram




Base Features
· Low Power Socket 7 Processor up to 266MHz
· 32 to 256MB SDRAM (soldered)
· Asiliant (Chips & Tech) Advanced 690x0 CRT and Flat Panel PCI Display Controller, 2 to 4 MB of fast on-chip Video DRAM
· One USB 2.0 (full speed) port
· Three 16C550 RS232 serial ports supporting up to 230K baud, one port may be RS485
· Parallel Port ECP/EPP (1284 style)
· PS/2 keyboard and mouse
· Floppy Interface, Real Time Clock, and all other basic AT peripherals
· megatel pc bus
· 96-pin eurocard connector, 100x100mm pcb size
· 4W to 6W typical power consumption, depending on configured options.

High Integration Features
· 10/100BaseT or 10/100/1000BaseT (Gigabit) Ethernet with on-chip RAM buffers, and on-board Filters, EEPROM and Link LED.
· 2 to 32MB Flash supports Megatel BIOS and solid state disk
· Compact Flash Storage, ATA/IDE compatible socket
· Single 5V power, -40oC to +85oC operating temp.

Expanded I/O (2mm MASS IO)
· ATA/IDE UDMA 66 Hard drive interface
· Frame-grabber with up to four channels of analog video input
· Touch Screen Controller with additional A/D inputs and temperature sensor
· Controller Area Network (CAN) controller

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