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Providing innovative products for over 20 years, Megatel Computer (1986) Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing embedded PC/104 and small format single board, PC compatible computers for the OEM.

Originally Megatel began as a system designer, and soon produced the first single board PC for the embedded market, an astonishing accomplishment for this young company. This microcomputer, the "Megatel PC" became the key component in a wide variety of OEM, industrial and instrumentation applications.

Megatel has built its business on a straightforward philosophy; balancing hardware and software to product microcomputers which can be treated as small but powerful components. Megatel directs its design efforts towards increasing the power and speed of its products while reducing their size and cost.

The small size of a Megatel PC allows OEM's to embed industry standard architecture into places never before considered feasible. The PC compatibility ensures that the system can handle the broadest range of applications without sacrificing performance. Compact and powerful microcomputers and associated system software have remained Megatel's area of engineering expertise to this day.


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